Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Practical guide to affiliate id manager

Never get lost with your passwords and login data. ORGANIZE YOUR FREE with this little program and very easy to use which I propose to discover the main features.

Increasingly, with internet, we are all faced with the problem of having to manage a multitude of logins and passwords to access a particular site (banking, sales site, private site, etc. ... ).

Here, everyone's approach: there is all this on a sheet of paper, sticks or stickers, a book, a text file or Excel, etc. ...

I use my Affiliate ID Manager, a free software and very easy to use (even the English language interface is not a hindrance). Simply enter the title of the site, the usual login information: username, passwords (which appear lighter), the URL (site address) and that's it. And the icing on the cake this little program is protected by a password ... which is the only one that you will remember.

When you want to connect to one of your sites, open Affiliate ID Manager, select the title of your site, then click the connection icon Integrated Affiliate ID Manager to immediately find yourself on your page where you only connections left to supplement the usual areas of your username and password that you just read.

But see first how we arrive at this result.

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