Monday, March 28, 2011

Most Important Google Adsense Tips For Success

adsense tips 

Most Important Google Adsense Tips For Success

Tips  1. Providing quality content to your visitors. There is no alternative to that. You can expect better results if your content is unique and high quality.
Tips  2. Sitemaps seriously say and try to keep it updated. Use Google webmaster tools to get the best result.
Tips  3. Customize the ads according to the design of your site. Use the same color round bag for your site.
Tips  4. Provide less internal and external links.
Tips  5. Writing creatively as a greedy
Tips  6. Use the navigation on the left, content in the center, a single column of ads on the right. For shorter
pages use 300x250 text ad somewhere in the text.
Tips  7. Avoid excessive number of ads per page. Do not allow visitors to understand that you have created your site to make money from advertising. Feel they benefited from getting your content (They will begin to think Adsense ads as a reference)
Tips  8. You can put a 728x 90 Text leaderboard ad at the top and bottom of the page.
Tips  9. Remember to use the tag. It will help you have more chance of being listed on search results.
Tip  10. Now comes the main part, advertise your site is easy and should be a gradual but steady process, make links from other related to yours, to provide interconnection for your various sites related to sitemap for each site and submit it to Google, submit your site in many directories as & Link Directory. That should provide stable and good traffic. In 2-4 months, you would have enough traffic to generate good amount of CTR.

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